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HOPE Project

About HOPE Project


About HOPE Project

HOPE Project is a non-profit volunteer organization founded by a group of friends in Denmark, who wanted to help out after the hurricane Haiyan struck the Philippines in November 2013. Our local relief efforts in February 2014 showed how big a difference we did in the city of Santa Fe. Being from a country where education is free and mandatory we know how important education is and that is why we want to help the children of Santa Fe to a better future.

All children deserve an opportunity

Basic education like reading, writing and math skills will unlock the world for children. It is the key to jobs and a higher education, but also to simple things we all take for granted like reading a book, searching on Google or writing a letter.

We have seen with our own eyes what future could await them if they don’t catch a break – and that is why we need you!

A local school for the children

When helping out right after the hurricane Haiyan in the poor area of Santa Fe near Tacloban – we asked what they needed the most when things got back to normal. They showed us the concrete foundation for an unfinished building and told us it was supposed to be a school, but they didn’t have the resources to finish it. So right now the volunteer teachers are not able to complete any serious teaching classes for the children.
So we decided to help them complete the school! The drawings are ready, the location is ready, the teachers and the local people to manage the school are ready. Are you?

How can you help?

We need a lot of help to complete this project – you can help by:
– Donating for materials and labor
EVERY donation – even the smallest – get us closer to our goal. 
– Spreading the word
Actually you don’t even need to donate in order to help. If you just share the word, you’ll be helping us a lot! So please share this campaign on your social media – send your friends an e-mail or a letter! Spread the world if you have supported us!


You can donate by Credit Card right here

Or use International bank transfer:
IBAN: DK4530003946367451 – SWIFT/BIC: DABADKKK
Name of the foundation: Fonden Ordo Templi Dania
Address: Gl. Donsvej 8, Bramdrupdam, 6000 Kolding

Recurring Donations

Donations via our payment provider, PayWhirl, please select your plan, create an account and enter your creditcard details to set up a monthly donation with HOPE Project.
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